As a consultant to MRM-McCann, I was tasked with building a new Wells Fargo checking account landing page using the ZURB Foundation framework. I made recommendations to design improvements and expressed caution on some of the client's desired features of the page. The final product was made to have feature fallbacks for Internet Explorer 8 while also be mobile responsive.

One of the interesting expectations for this project was based on a legal requirement: The name of the checking account type had to always be present, even if there were visual differences in the table. That required a heavy use of fixed elements and toggling states depending on where the user was on the page.
There was also the matter of hosting a lot of detailed information for almost all of the table cells, which I saw that modal windows would be the best solution as the client often would have large chunks of text on some cells.
I think the most challening part was getting the fixed elements on the mobile version to line up correctly, especially because I couldn't recreate the table in CSS. I spent a lot of time with the designer working out a pixle perfect size that would also scale correctly in which ever mobile device a user might be on. There were many rounds of me working close with QA to trouble shoot particular devices.