Advanced Community Services brought me on to help give a fresh face and help enhance the interface for their product, EmpoweredHOA.

The client had built a web-based piece of software to assist in their managerial duties as property managers for various HOAs. Their problem was that they were ready to take their software to the next step by introducing new features, enhance existing ones, and prepare to white label their software as a Sass application.
The client was already heavily invested in using Twitter Bootstrap which served as a starting point for how their application was laid out and how it behaved in a responsive manner.
While building prototypes out for the client, it became apparent that there was no established style guide or unified brand elements. In order to help prepare the client for the time after I was done consulting them, I helped them create a style guide to address things like typography, color scheme, and providing code samples for the developers.
In the end, I was able to help the client build a solid foundation to build on ensuring that user experience would take a more critical focus while maintaining good design and feel. The client was trilled and I enjoyed the time I spent working on their project.