As a conslutant to McCann Erickson, I worked with a team to build this landing page for Wells Fargo which features a commercial, product feature, and an API to find the nearest home mortgage consultant. Requirements for the project included: be Internet Explorer 8 friendly (by having fallbacks in place), be responsive to ensure the same experience on mobile devices, and follow brand standards.

After reviewing the intial comp with the project and account managers, and the lead designer, we discussed some of the techincal limitations and how it would effect the invisioned design of the site. I worked closely with a backend developer to ensure that the various plugins of the site worked in harmony with each other while still being able to support IE8. This site used features like GSAP, bxSlider, and jQuery. The desktop version of the site also featured a looping video in the background.
Some of the more challenging parts of the project were adapting the site to mobile devices. There were so many flashy bells and whistles requested by the client that most of the time spent on the site was debugging and finding work arounds. We did finally have to come to some compromises, more so with the "Find a Consultant" feature which tied into a robust API using location services. While it worked great on the desktop version of the site, having a fixed footer on mobile with all of scripting going on, proved to be a headache which was solved by citing to the client that both Apple and Google recommend not using fixed footers on mobile browers.